1.   Your grades are seriously slipping.
  2.   Your friends are seriously worried.
  3.   Your reputation needs damage control.
  4.   You’re drinking & using to deal with the blow-back from drinking & using.
  5.   You can’t handle social situations without a full red cup.
  6.   You’re burning through your relationships.
  7.   You have no idea what happened last night. Again.
  8.   Your Cabo fund just went to pay DUI fines.
  9.   You’ve tried to stop drinking and using but …
  10.   Deep down, you know you need help. Seriously, you really need help.
  • Sound familiar? It’s your call.

Substance use issues cover a wide spectrum, from the occasional bad consequence of a few-too-many to the daily chaos of full-blown addiction. The Haven meets and treats college students where they are, with innovative Intensive Outpatient Programs and Peer Mentoring & Monitoring services targeted to their lifestyle.