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A safe Haven for
recovering students;
a positive impact on the

The Haven provides a safe residential
community for college students in early
recovery from substance use disorder.
Our community is inclusive and
integrated into the fabric of each
college culture, reflecting the
uniqueness of the needs, opportunities
and culture of each campus. Overseen
by a Clinical Program Director and
Recovery Coach, the Haven community
is peer-led by college students with a
minimum of one year of recovery,
helping to transform how students,
faculty and administrators on each
university campus think about
addiction, treatment and recovery.

The Haven is at the center of a national
movement to brand recovery as a fun,
healthy and desirable lifestyle.
Bringing recovery out of the shadows
and into the heart of a campus makes
it both more accessible and more
desirable to the students and families
who need help. A recovery program
woven into campus culture means
students can get the help and support
they need without feeling isolated or
separate from their peers. In addition,
recovering students help colleges build
safer and healthier campuses and
improve academic outcomes. The
positive impact of The Haven at a
college extends far beyond The Haven

A solution to a
growing problem.

Nearly 1 out of 5 (18.6%) young adults
aged 18 to 25 is estimated to suffer
from substance use disorder
(ONDCP, 2012) and college students
are the fastest growing segment
seeking treatment, increasing +143%
in the past decade compared to the
overall national population
increase of +14%.

While the statistics on addiction,
alcoholism, binge drinking and
alcohol/drug related drop out rates are
bleak, the good news is that the
seriousness of the problem has
inspired a serious response. There has
been a rapid increase in the number of
collegiate recovery programs in the
past 5 years, and research shows
low relapse rates, above-average GPA’s
and high graduation rates as a result of
these communities. The Haven is at
the forefront, combining a recovery
support program and a sober
residential environment under one

A program we all can
live with. Literally.

Addiction (to drugs or alcohol) is
characterized as a chronic illness
requiring ongoing treatment in order
for sustained recovery – the AMA
estimates that there is a >60% relapse
rate in the first year following
treatment discharge if there is a lack
of continuing care. Most college
students who leave school to get
treatment are unable to return to
graduate; yet if the student remains at
school and does not get the recovery
support they need, they are in danger
of relapse.

The Haven provides a solution to this
dilemma: recovery support tailored to
the collegiate lifestyle and available
within the campus environment.
These services center around sober
living residences on college campuses
and include: individual recovery
services, family and community
programs, education and advocacy,
research and alumni programs.

The Haven sober living model is based
on industry leading best practices
and is tailored to the collegiate
lifestyle and the unique needs of
students. The program design
philosophy is based on the following:

  • 18-25 year olds have needs very
    different from someone entering
    recovery at a different life stage,
    and so they need a program
    tailored to their lifestyle and stage
    of development.
  • Students need to balance recovery,
    academics & social life.
  • The young adult recovery lifestyle is
    integrated within the context of the
    broader campus community & culture.
  • When we are part of a recovery
    community, our chance for long-
    term recovery success increases

The Haven is supported by the
following staff:

Clinical Supervisor: Reviews program
efficacy and client progress in regular
meetings with Program Director and
House Managers
Program Director: Intake and
Assessments, One on One Recovery
Coaching with each student weekly,
supervises staff, University Liaison,
Resident Assistant(s): Students with 1+
year in recovery provides onsite
peer support, conducts testing, runs
meetings, schedules events, and
ensures compliance with house rules.

Good for the student,
good for the school

Being able to provide your students
with a residential recovery option will
not only open up a world of hope and
possibility for the individual student, it
can positively impact the college as a
whole. Along with the positive
influence a recovery culture can bring
to a campus, there are other, more
measurable factors to consider, such as
increased college graduation and
retention rates (critical indicators in
national rankings) and preventing loss
of revenue as result of lost tuition.
Ultimately, The Haven can mean a
competitive advantage in recruiting

Now is the time to be a leader in the
movement toward recovery-focused
systems and services in alignment with
the National Drug Control Strategy
(NDCS) to foster expansion of
community based recovery support
services and programs on college
campuses. The Haven, with a national
brand, “fraternity” like approach,
leverages alumni and national youth
recovery participation to create a
vibrant, sustainable community.
Together, we will raise awareness,
dispel myths and address barriers that
prevent college students and their
families from getting the help
they need.

How it Works

We start with a community input and
mapping phase to understand the
unique needs and culture of each
university. This research and analysis
is followed by design of a tailored
“Haven” program phase which
includes site surveys and facility
identification. At some universities we
integrate into the residential dorm
and housing system while on other
campuses we lease residential space
close to campus. Our goal is to be a
long-term partner with each
university, making available our
expertise, knowledge and referral
resources for the benefit of the
student, family and larger college

What University
Administrators Are Saying

“I am reaching out to you as I have
recently been interacting with many
students who are hooked into the
Haven and absolutely love their
experiences. They have found the
Haven to not only provide them with
support and counseling while they
work through their addiction issues
but as an accepting community. The
friendships they make as a result of
the Haven are very valuable and
meaningful to our students. I met
with a Haven resident yesterday who
told me that every school should have
a Haven! So THANK YOU! You are
doing fabulous work and we really
value having you as our partners and
such an important resource for our

Assistant Director, Student Affairs

“I continue to be impressed by The
Haven and its staff. Their staff is
responsive, concerned, smart, and
involved. Students have reported that
they feel helped in a way that truly
made a huge difference in their lives.
And the word is spreading about The
Haven with parents, students,
administrators, and community
members on other campuses. I
strongly suspect that more students
will want to live at The Haven as time
goes on and the favorable reputation
of The Haven continues to grow.”

Counseling Center Services Director

“This landmark program is offering
“safe haven” to students that would
otherwise be suffering alone;
dropping out of school (in some cases,
never to return); and making
constructive changes that are leading
to healthier lifestyles. It has been my
experience that our students (as well
as most human beings) are
attracted to health, and as a result, this
movement is having a positive effect
on others in our campus community. I
highly promote any effort that
supports the furthering of this great
program, as it is of tremendous
benefit to both our institution and to
its students.”

University Faculty Member

“Thank you for your support during
Trojan Family Weekend. Your
involvement significantly enhanced
the weekend and contributed to its
success. Your programs, “Staying
Sober in College” and “Taking the
Mystery Out of Addiction” with the
physician director from The Betty Ford
Center delivered a strong important
message to our Trojan Family. We look
forward to working with you in 2014!”

Office of Parent Programs