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The problem is bigger
than we thought.
The solution is simpler
than we imagined.

After traversing the college application
experience and all the related decision
making as a family, it is hard to send
our student off to navigate this new
adventure alone. Even if we could pack
up our life experience and the lessons
we’ve learned to send with them, we
can’t prevent someone with a
predisposition to addiction from
experiencing problems with substance
abuse once they enter into the college
“party” scene.

Statistically, there is plenty of evidence
that the problem of alcoholism and
addiction starts at the age when kids
are most vulnerable, the college years:

  • One in four full time college
    students experience past year
    alcohol abuse or dependence
    (SAMHSA, 2012) This increases
    to one in three when drugs are
  • College students continue to be
    the fastest growing segment
    seeking treatment in the past
    decade, growing at +143% vs.
    +14% for the normal population
  • 42% of full time college students
    engage in binge drinking (SAMHSA)
  • 1,825 college students between the
    ages of 18 and 24 die each year from
    alcohol-related unintentional injuries,
    including motor vehicle crashes

The good news is that along with a
growing awareness of the problem,
there is also a growing set of options.
The Haven is at the forefront,
combining a recovery support
program and a sober residential
environment under one roof. At The
Haven we’ve packed the college
essentials that ensure your student
will have what they need as they
navigate sobriety and college life: the
“lessons learned” from the most
successful recovery programs, the
shared college life experience of peers,
and the recovery expertise
of professionals.

Addiction thrives in
Recovery thrives in a
strong community.

The isolation of alcoholism and drug
addiction impacts the entire family.
Families feel alone in their experience
as their emotional and physical lives
are consumed by dealing with a family
member who is struggling with
substance abuse and its consequences.
The Haven provides a new community,
and a bridge back to healthy
connections with existing communities,
for both the student and the family.

From optional family programs during
parents’ weekends, to education and
referral services, we offer support and
activities for the whole family.
Recovery at the Haven is a new
beginning for both students and their
families, one filled with hope, and the
promise of a vibrant and healthy

Sober College Living at The Haven - Image
Sober College Living at The Haven - Image

The best college. The
best major.
And now, the best way
to survive it all.

The Haven draws from national sober
living models intended to help your
student be the very best they can be
while adopting certain lifestyle habits
known to help support early recovery.
Our program design philosophy is
based on the following:

  • 18-25 year olds have needs very
    different from someone entering
    recovery at a different life stage,
    and so they need a program
    tailored to their lifestyle and
    stage of development.
  • Students need to balance
    recovery, academics & social life.
  • The young adult recovery lifestyle
    is integrated within the context
    of the broader campus
    community & culture.
  • When we are part of a recovery
    community, our chance for long
    term recovery success increases

Taking responsibility
in recovery:
A little routine goes a
long way.

Just as when you had to list “make your
bed” on your child’s first chore chart,
we have broken down successful recovery
actions and components into basic Haven
responsibilities and requirements, like:

  • A weekly “Individual Wellness”
    plan created with a recovery coach
  • Regular alcohol and drug testing
  • Weekly house meeting attendance
  • Attendance at 12-Step meetings
    or other abstinence-based
    recovery modality and having a
  • An informal “Resident Level”
    system, to reflect degrees of
    accomplishment in recovery
  • Daily household duties
  • A resident contract, which
    includes a relapse plan
  • A Buddy system for higher risk
  • Assistance in budgeting and
    financial accountability

The routine and responsibilities
initiated at the Haven will become
established habits that support lifelong

Is the Haven a good
fit for my kid?

The Haven supports students in early
recovery who are committed to living
a recovery lifestyle while pursuing a
college degree. Here’s a brief
description of the students who are
getting the most out of living in the
Haven Communities:

  • Someone who has completed
    in-patient or outpatient treatment
    and is transitioning to campus from
    another recovery setting
  • A student who is interested in
    trying out recovery due to some
    concerns (s)he possesses about the
    increasing role of drugs/alcohol in
    their college life
  • An individual who has recommitted
    to recovery following a brief
    relapse in which recovery
    momentum has not been
    completely lost
  • Someone on leave or deferred
    admission from the university and
    attending an Outpatient Program
  • Student in deep recovery who
    wants to live and/or work in a
    recovery community

What Parents of
Haven Residents Are

“This Christmas season we are
remembering where we were as a
family a year ago and feel very
grateful for how incredibly far our son
has come. I know the Haven played a
major role in helping him accomplish
this remarkable turnaround and he,
above all, is reaping the benefits.
Thank you for your vision, hard work
and humanity in support of talented
young people. USC is a better place
for these kids because of the Haven.”

Parent of Haven Resident, 2014

“The Haven is aptly named. The
people here are knowledgeable,
compassionate, insightful, and
generous. They understand the
struggles of bright young adults trying
to move forward from substance
abuse to success, anticipating their
struggles and meeting their needs in
ways that are uncanny. There's no
road map to finding the ideal
environment for someone working
toward recovery. If you have found
OPPORTUNITY! Tell others about it!
There is no safer, better choice out

Parent of Haven Resident, 2013

“Thank you for helping my
daughter graduate from USC. Without
the support of the Haven, she would
have never made it through her senior

Parent of Haven Resident, 2013

Sober College Living at The Haven - Image


Fees vary by institution and include
room, recovery support services and
healthy food and beverages. Financial
aid is available through a scholarship
program and Haven work-service
opportunities, supporting the goal that
no qualified student is turned away for
reasons other than space availability.

Applying to the
Haven is easy.

Just follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Contact The Haven staff at
    Recovery Grads by calling us @
    310 822 1234 or email us at and we will
    provide you with anapplication form
  2. Schedule an interview so we can get
    to know you, understand your
    desire and motivation to live at The
    Haven and tell you more about us
  3. Take a tour of The Haven, meet our
    House Managers and other
    students and see our recovery
    community in action
  4. Upon acceptance, meet with our
    Recovery Coach to develop your
    individual wellness plan
  5. Move in, and welcome to
    The Haven!
Sober College Living at The Haven - Image