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You thought it would be
hard finding friends, a
place to live,
and support for
your recovery.
We’ve got all three.

The Haven provides us with a home
where we can share life’s ups and
downs with people facing the same
challenges, people who do understand
what it is like to have their
expectations up-ended, people who
have similar goals and values.
Basically, we want to stay in recovery, get
good grades, make some friends, have
a great time, and prove to ourselves
and the world that college life can be
better – all around – clean and sober.

The Haven sober living model is based
on industry leading best practices – in
other words, we go with what works.
Because there are so many students
out there just like us, The Haven is
spreading to campuses all across
America. What this means is that by
signing up and engaging in this
experience, you’re instantly part of a
nationwide network. So you’ll find
people whom you have plenty in
common with wherever you go. We’d
call it a movement, but we’re keeping it
a little more low key than that – for
now, that is.

Enough about us.
Let’s hear from you.

Here’s what we’ve been hearing from
college students in recovery:

“I really need to
bounce life off of
other people, to
know that I’m not

You are NOT alone.

The Haven has other students who feel
just like you do and are facing the
same challenges, and at The Haven we
provide 24/7 support-- Live-in House
Managers who understand addiction
and recovery (and who are in recovery
themselves) and a Recovery Coach
who will help get you through.

“Before finding the
Haven I felt
isolated as a person
in recovery on a
college campus.
Now I've found my

From Day 1 you will belong to a
peer led community of caring,
compassionate individuals who
understand your daily challenges,
feelings, etc., and will celebrate
your successes and victories as well.

“It was important for
me to be in a precise

The Haven balances structure with the
need for freedom in the college
experience. Every student develops
an individualized plan to manage their
academics, social life, and recovery life
-- and works with the Haven’s
Recovery Coach on a weekly basis to
stay on track.

“I have to work harder
than most people in
order to live a normal
life and do not want to
worry about the
stigma of being an
addict during the

We get it. Recovery is a “we” program.
“WE” do this together. We understand
how very tricky it can be, and
sometimes difficult to choose not to
partake in some of the same activities
as your classmates. The Haven gives
students in recovery a way to connect
with their school and their classmates,
and it will afford them the necessary
tools to remain clean and sober.

So how will life at the
Haven be different
from life before the

Well, for one thing, you’ll remember it.
In many respects it will look almost
exactly like life before you lived at The
Haven: going to class, laundry at
midnight, hanging out with friends
(putting off studying), and generally
just being a student. The bad news is
you don’t get passes for coursework or
finals. The good news is that a lot of
smart, caring people (including lots of
students in recovery,) have worked
together to create a program that will
make your recovery life a lot easier,
things like:

  • Your very own wellness “plan of attack”,
    created by you with your Recovery
  • 12-Step Meetings (or other effective
    recovery modality) and working with
    your Sponsor
  • Routine drug testing (we know it’s a
    drag, but hey, at least you’ll know
    everyone you live with is actually
    in recovery)
  • Very cool optional activities you'll
    WANT to attend, organized by
    Haven students, tied into regular
    campus and outside activities (like
    football games, concerts and
  • Activities that include your family
    (and let you show how great you’re
    doing), like Parents Weekend events.


To be a part of it, we all gotta do our
part. So what are your responsibilities?
Actually, the list is pretty simple (when
you take out all of the commitments
that are a part of college anyhow).

  • Develop an individual Wellness
    plan with the Recovery Coach
  • Attend the weekly Haven
    community meeting and another
    monthly group that covers subject
    matter determined by students.
  • Attend a minimum of two 12-step
    (or other recovery modality)
    meetings per week and work
    with a Sponsor
  • Stay clean and sober.

How do I get in?

Well, first you gotta think you’ve got a
problem. And then together, we move
forward from there.
If you think the Haven is for you, here’s
what you do to apply for admission:

  1. Contact The Haven staff at
    Recovery Grads @ 310 822 1234
    or email us at
    and we will provide you with an
    application form
  2. Schedule an interview with The
    Haven staff so we can get to know each
    other better and understand your
    desire and motivation to live at The
  3. Take a tour of The Haven and have a
    chance to meet other students who live
  4. Upon acceptance, every student
    will develop an individual plan with
    the Recovery Coach prior to move in.
  5. Welcome to The Haven!