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Recovery thrives in a
strong community.

As a treatment professional you know
that when a client is a part of a
recovery community, their chance for
long term recovery success increases
exponentially. The Haven is a
residential recovery community
integrated into campus life, providing a
unique opportunity for college
students to fulfill their academic goals
while working on the life skills
necessary to sustain and support their

The Haven makes it possible for
students to return to college, immerse
themselves in the social and academic
college world, while still enjoying the
safety and support of a sober
living environment.

Our philosophy of honoring and
supporting each individual’s authentic
contribution to the community, the
college, and the world around them
translates into a compassionate,
practical and effective sober living

The Haven staff works
with You

The Haven staff works closely with
therapists, case managers,
psychiatrists, counselors, parents,
aftercare specialists, college
administrators and others, to provide a
continuum of care and support for
clients coming from a variety of
recovery paths. We invite all
providers to remain a part of a
student’s support team.

The Haven communities are
peer-driven, led by students in deep
recovery, and given daily clinical
oversight by The Program Director.

The Haven is supported by the
following staff:

Clinical Supervisor: Reviews program
efficacy and client progress in regular
meetings with Program Director and
House Managers
Clinical Program Director: Intake
and Assessments, One on One
Recovery Coaching with each student
weekly, supervises staff, University
Liaison, Operations/Activities.
Resident Assistant(s): Student with.
1+ year in recovery. Provides onsite
peer support, conducts testing, runs
meetings, schedules events, and
ensures compliance with house rules.

What Student is a
“good fit” for the Haven?

The Haven supports students in early
recovery who are committed to living
a recovery lifestyle while pursuing a
college degree. Here’s a brief
description of the students who are
getting the most out of living in the
Haven Communities:

  • Students who have completed
    inpatient or outpatient treatment
    and are transitioning to campus
    from another recovery setting
  • Students who are interested in
    trying out recovery due to some
    concerns they possess about the
    increasing role of drugs/alcohol in
    their college life
  • An individual who has recommitted
    to recovery following a brief relapse
    in which recovery momentum has
    not been completely lost
  • Someone on leave or deferred
    admission from the university and
    attending an Outpatient Program
  • Student in deep recovery who
    wants to live and/or work in a
    recovery community

The Haven structure provides the
best "fit" for college students in
recovery who are able to work
toward the following program goals
and ideals:

Commit to complete abstinence
from drugs and alcohol.

Being drug and alcohol free
is the “entrance fee” for admission into The
Haven Community and a foray into a
recovery lifestyle that is rewarding
beyond belief. Haven students will be
drug tested regularly to enable early
intervention in case of relapse, and to
safeguard a substance free

Embark on a Personal Path of

Each student is required to regularly
attend 12-step meetings or gatherings
of their personally selected modality
of recovery such as Agape, SMART,
Holistic, Dharma, Rational Recovery,
etc., and is encouraged to develop a
relationship with a sponsor and a
network of recovering friends and
mentors for support.

Dream Big and Work to
Achieve Goals

Students will meet with a Recovery
Coach a minimum of once per week
for an hour to collaborate on the
creation of “The Plan” – a roadmap
created by the student with the help of
the coach for achieving goals in the
area of recovery, academics, nutrition
and fitness, spirituality, social life,
family, etc..

Utilize Support Network

Because of the demands of college
and the hard work of early recovery,
Haven students must be able to utilize
the assistance they have available to
them, including their Recovery Coach,
sponsors, peers in the community,
therapists, groups, meetings, tutors
and university resources.

Follow House Rules

All Haven students are expected to
attend the weekly Community
Gathering. Students must be able to
understand house rules and what is
required of them to participate and
comply with the structure and
organization of the house.

Visit Us

Treatment professionals are welcome
to come to The Haven for a tour and
to meet with The Clinical Program
Director and House Managers to
discuss whether this community
would provide the right fit for a
specific client wishing to come to
campus. Please feel free to contact
The Haven at 310 822 1234 with any
questions or to schedule a visit to any
of our locations.