Outpatient Treatment Center (coming soon) & Recovery Residence

On Campus Solutions for a National Problem

Support for students currently enrolled at Drexel University, students enrolled at nearby colleges AND college-aged students who want to get back on a college track!

We provide on-campus care and support for college students struggling with mental health and substance use disorders so they can remain engaged in a successful and safe college experience. We want to keep students in college, and help those whose academic studies have been interrupted due to mental health and substance use disorders, Get Back on a College Track.

Candle Light All Recovery Meeting Saturday 9:15PM

Haven Meetings Held at 208 N. 35th Street, Philadelphia PA 19104

The Haven Recovery Residence
208 N. 35th St.
Philadelphia, PA 19104

The Haven Outpatient Center

The Haven Outpatient Treatment Center - COMING SOON


The Haven at College Outpatient Center, in collaboration with Drexel University, will open in early 2021 in the center of University City. Our student-centric programs will integrate mental health and addiction treatment with on-campus community engagement to support students’ college lifestyles. Our licensed clinicians facilitate strength-based Intensive Outpatient (IOP) and Outpatient (OP) programs that empower and increase student capacity for personal agency, responsibility and accountability. We offer tracks for substance use/co-occurring disorders and primary mental health that include treatment for mood disorders and trauma.
Haven Outpatient Center Programs use both conventional and complementary evidence-based treatments including Motivational Interviewing, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) within an integrative system of relationships with like-minded students. We include comprehensive care to increase personal resiliency and set and meet personal and academic goals. We also offer Family Support, Adjunctive Mental Health Services and Academic Coaching as needed and parents are encouraged to participate in family therapy with their student. Outpatient Treatment programs are covered by most health insurance and we are in network with AETNA Student Health, Drexel’s student health insurance provider.

The Haven Recovery Residence

Comfortable and convenient, The Haven at College Recovery Residence, in collaboration with Drexel University, is located in the heart of University City in a large historic residence two blocks from campus. With a safe and all inclusive communal space, an enormous backyard and a full service kitchen, The Haven has become the center of collegiate recovery in Philadelphia for students from Drexel and neighboring universities. Through weekly recovery meetings, individualized wellness sessions, group accountability, social & recreational events, the Haven’s student led community fosters long term recovery while forming lasting friendships. CALL US TODAY: 888.224.2836


The Haven’s innovative Mentoring and Monitoring Program provides the tools for students, parents and school administrators to distinguish casual partying from serious substance misuse and treat accordingly. This harm-reduction program provides peer recovery mentors, (regular/randomized) drug testing, and community support for students and parents seeking answers and accountability.


About Drexel University

Founded in 1891 in Philadelphia, Drexel University continues to lead by way of its founder’s vision, offering an experiential form of higher education that places a premium on preparing students for careers in the future through its cooperative education programs. Drexel is committed to community and civic engagement through research and academic programs that directly benefit communities, public service by students and faculty, and business practices that support local and regional economic development. Located in University City, PA, Drexel is just a few minutes away from Philadelphia’s Center City district.



“I have been given such a rare opportunity at a young age to be a part of a recovery community. I am passionate about creating that same opportunity for other young people. The Haven is giving people my age the chance to get a higher education and stay happy, healthy and sober. At The Haven we provide support and love to anyone who reaches out, and we have a ton of fun doing it!”

- Former Haven Resident, Drexel Freshman



“The Haven provides a wonderful new resource, with a proven set of programs, for our students in recovery or for those who are starting to get sober. We are happy to work with The Haven to see it expand its reach to help students become educated about recovery as well as breaking down the stigma associated with addiction.”

- Drexel Assistant Director of Counseling and Director of Alcohol, Other Drug and Health Education


Our local Haven team includes licensed clinicians, peer recovery coaches and individuals who are passionate about helping college students receive care and support for their mental health and substance use challenges.

Liz Ferris, LSW, CADC


Liz received her undergraduate degree from Drexel University as a resident of the Philadelphia Haven. She was able to work with other young adults in recovery to promote recovery on college campuses as a possibility. After Drexel, she went on to earn her MSW from Bryn Mawr College. As a licensed social worker and a certified drug and alcohol counselor, Liz works as a substance use and mental health therapist with young adults in the Philadelphia area. Liz is excited to be apart of the Haven at Drexel again as their Program Director to help support the Drexel recovery community and students looking for more memorable way to experience college through case management and our mentoring and monitoring programs.

Danielle Fillmore

House Manager, Community Leader, and Outreach Coordinator

Starting off as a Haven resident in 2017, Danielle found enormous opportunity at The Haven that allowed her to continue to pursue her academic career in Philadelphia, build her sober social network, and share her positive attitude and a love for life in recovery with others. She believes that learning how to study sober, complete honest work, and connect with others are acquired skills and gets utmost joy out of sharing those skills with her residents at The Haven. Danielle is currently working toward a career in the recovery field and also shares her amazing story publicly across many platforms.

Alfonzo DeSantis

Assistant House Manager

Alfonzo serves as the House Manager at the Haven at Drexel. Alfonzo has been with the Haven since March 2017. Alfonzo left Drexel University due to problems with a substance use disorder, but with the help of recovery advocates at Drexel University and friends at The Haven at Drexel, could return to the university to finish his BS in Computer Engineering with a projected graduation date of 2020. Alfonzo has been sober for more than 5 years and has experienced many of the gifts of sobriety. As Assistant House Manager at Drexel, he enjoys the opportunity to pass on his experience with sobriety as a college student.