We help students struggling with mental health and substance use challenges have a safe and successful college experience.

Serving California College Students and Young Adults on a College Track

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Why We Do It

We believe that college students struggling with mental health and substance abuse issues should have access to on-campus and online treatment and support while they work through their challenges and revive their dreams and aspirations.

How We Do It

We partner closely with Universities in a customized way. We provide excellent evidence-based clinical care specifically geared toward students. We integrate “peer to peer” sharing of “lived experience” into all Haven programs---an inclusive community of connection and care.

What We Do: The Haven Offering

Recent Articles

Posted January 24, 2022

Taking a Deeper Look at Addiction and Disease

Last week NPR published an article titled, “’The Urge’ says calling addition a disease is misleading”, written by Jeevika Verma. This thought-provoking take on why we should reconsider classifying addiction as a disease seeks to encourage people to be more mindful about the language we choose when discussing addiction and recovery. In his new book, […]

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tips for college freshmen

Posted October 15, 2019

10 Tips for College Freshmen

Life changes pretty fast when you’re in college. If you’re heading to college and you’re looking for tips for freshmen, consider the following before you go. These will help ensure you’re prepared for what’s to come this year. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at several tips for college freshmen. 10 Tips for […]

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How to Stay Stober from Alcohol in College

Posted October 12, 2019

How to Stay Sober from Alcohol in College

Alcohol has the potential to take over your life during college and negatively impact your grades. In addition, the more you drink the more dependent you become, which eventually evolves into addiction. Once you’re addicted, it’s extremely difficult to get your life back. In this article, we’re taking a closer look at addiction, alcohol, and […]

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