Centers of Hope and Healing
for Young Adults: OnCampus and Online

Collegiate Recovery Center

The Haven Outpatient Centers, on or adjacent to college campuses OR online, provide a safe and relatable place for college students to meet, grow and recover from mental health and substance use disorders, free of judgment and stigma. Our personalized, evidence-based treatment programs allow students to maintain an active academic and social life, while addressing mental health and substance use challenges. We are in network with key student health insurance providers. You do not need to be an enrolled student at any university to attend The Haven at College Outpatient Centers.

Our Haven Outpatient Centers


Centrally located on the University of Southern California campus at 817 W. 34th St, Los Angeles. For more information about USC outpatient center services or recovery meetings call 310.822.1234


Located across the street from Miami University at 16 S. Campus Ave., Oxford. For more information about Miami outpatient center services or recovery meetings call 513.280.6046


Now open across the street from the University of Maryland campus at 7207 Baltimore Ave., College Park. For more information about University of Maryland outpatient center services or recovery meetings call 301.329.5885


Within walking distance from Tufts University at 200 Boston Ave., Medford. For more information about the outpatient center call 617.600.6775


Close to UMBC at 35 Mellor Ave., Catonsville. For more information about the outpatient center call 410.824.1224

The Haven at College and all of its locations are independently owned and operated


The Haven Outpatient Centers offers a variety of evidence-based treatment services specifically geared to the clinical needs of young adult college students with mental health and substance use issues. Our levels of care are delivered by licensed clinicians with deep experience working in addiction treatment.
  • Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP): Part-time
  • Outpatient Program: Individualized Offerings​
  • Continuing Care: Ongoing check-ins to maintain wellness
  • Mentoring & Monitoring Program: Clinical/social program of engagement and accountability
  • Tailored Approach Based on Individual’s Needs: As a “boutique” outpatient center specializing in treating young adults in college or on a college track, we provide each client with a holistic and tailored solution that utilizes a diverse team of licensed clinicians*, ​educational counselors, mindfulness gurus, academic and wellness case managers, peer mentors, yoga and fitness instructors, and university liaisons. Treatment begins with a detailed psycho-social-educational assessment to understand an individual’s exact needs, followed by the creation of a tailored treatment plan.
    *Ongoing psychiatric services are available upon request but are not part of the IOP and OP programs.
  • One-to-one counseling and psychotherapy: Each young adult is paired with a primary therapist who will meet with them once or twice per week and will remain with them for consistency and support throughout their time at The Haven. Therapists are trained in multiple modalities and employ what is appropriate for their client’s needs, including CBT, motivational interviewing, attachment therapy, somatic work exercises, healthy coping strategies to name a few.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy is still the leading evidence-based treatment modality for treating substance use issues in young adults. Haven therapy groups are facilitated by trained staff and offer the opportunity for mirroring, goal-setting, and peer feedback. This process creates strong bonds among similarly situated recovery allies who no longer feel alone in their feelings and experiences.
  • Individual Counseling: Each student is assigned a primary therapist whom they will see once a week (or more) in a private 50-minute session. Sessions explore CBT skill-building, healthy coping strategies and craving management.
  • Academic Case Management Services: An academic case manager will explore with a client her/his academic goals and together they will derive a workable roadmap toward attainment with a timeline, checkpoints, goal review, and built-in accountability measures.
  • Clinical Case Management Services: Weekly meeting with a trained case manager to review treatment progress and address any additional needs of the client as (s)he progresses through treatment, e.g., medication issues, fitness goals, doctor appointments, class attendance, etc.
  • Peer Mentor/Concierge: Each new client is assigned a peer concierge, who will provide support and assistance throughout The Haven treatment experience. Peer concierges are graduate students or alumni of The Haven who are successfully navigating campus life without the use of substances, and who are available to introduce a new client to others in recovery, encourage meeting attendance, or escort a client to take care of an administrative task on campus.
  • Specialty Groups: The Haven offers several specialty groups to address unique needs, including Recovery Management, LGBTQ Group, Gender-Based Groups, stigma-free groups for co-occurring disorders, including Medication groups.
  • Enhancement Experiences: The Haven hosts enlightening group experiences some of them are clinical, and some just plain fun. Examples include: group service work, therapeutic hikes, art expression, tailgate parties, cooking lessons, VIP museum tours, camping trips, etc.


The Haven at College Outpatient Centers​ welcome all young adults — high-school graduates, visiting students, transfer students, students on a leave of absence, community college students, graduate students, enrolled students, online students, you get the idea. Eager to get back on a college track? Call us! Our flexible daytime, weekend and evening programs let young adults tailor their treatment to class schedules and work hours. An inclusive community, we welcome all recovering young adults to meetings and social events throughout the year.

Navigating life’s terms and midterms

The Haven at College is in- network with key student health insurance providers. If you have specific questions about your insurance benefits, please call 310.822.1234 and one of our Admissions Consultants will help you through the process.