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Online Treatment and Virtual Community for College Students Treating Depression, Anxiety, Trauma, Bipolar and Substance Use Disorder

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  • Tailored Approach Based on Student Needs: As a virtual outpatient center specializing in treating young adults in college, we provide each student with a holistic and tailored solution facilitated by a diverse team of licensed clinicians, ​educational counselors, mindfulness gurus, academic and wellness case managers, peer mentors and university liaisons. Treatment begins with a detailed bio-psycho-social-educational assessment that informs a tailored treatment plan for each student.
  • One-to-one counseling and psychotherapy: Each student is paired with a master’s level or above, licensed primary therapist that they will meet with a minimum of once a week and will remain with them throughout their time at The Haven. Therapists are trained in multiple modalities and employ what is appropriate for their client’s needs, including CBT, DBT, motivational interviewing, attachment therapy, somatic work exercises, and EMDR to name a few.
  • Group therapy: Group therapy is a leading modality for treating mental health and substance use issues. Haven group sessions are facilitated by Haven staff clinicians and offer the opportunity for mirroring, goal-setting, and peer feedback. This process creates strong bonds among similarly situated students who no longer feel alone in their feelings and experiences.
  • Case Management Services: Each student in the IOP program will meet weekly with an academic and clinical case manager to review treatment progress and academic goals. Together they will derive a workable roadmap toward attainment with a timeline, checkpoints, goal review, and built-in accountability measures. Case management services are also offered to OP level students as requested.
  • Peer Mentor: Peer mentors are graduate students or alumni of The Haven who are successfully navigating life and who provide experience, strength, and hope to current students.
  • Enhancement Experiences: The Virtual Haven community center is open to all college students and provides a full weekly schedule of events, meetings and activities.




Our Students Love Our Online Program but were missing the informal time to connect with their friends beyond Zoom. Our Virtual Haven Community responds to that need!

  • Click here to install the Virtual Haven software on your device
  • Follow the prompt to register and create your own Avatar
  • Enter the Open Campus World (open to everyone, not just Haven guests) and use the “Go To” menu in the upper left corner of your screen to select “Private Team Suite”. Enter passcode “RecoveryGrads1” and you’re in! (note that all visitors must register with the Haven Peer Ambassador and agree to Virtual Haven usage terms)
  • Questions? Call Virtual Haven Student Support at 855.806.4266


We accept most private health insurance and are in-network with leading student health providers. Questions about your Insurance Benefits? Call us at 310.822.1234 and one of our Admissions Counselors will help you through the process.