In Collaboration with University of San Francisco

Recovery Residence + Mentoring and Monitoring

Sober Living Residence and Peer to Peer Mentoring and Monitoring for College Students in Recovery

Support for students currently enrolled at University of San Francisco AND college-aged students who want to get back on a college track!

We provide support for college students in recovery so they can remain engaged in a successful and safe college experience while working on their recovery. We want to keep students in college and help those whose academic studies have been interrupted due to mental health and substance use disorders, Get Back on a College Track.

All Recovery Meeting Monday 8PM

Haven Game Night & Meeting Saturday 8PM

Haven Meetings Held at 367 Anza Street, San Francisco CA 94118

The Haven at College Recovery Residence and Peer to Peer Mentoring & Monitoring Program
367 Anza Street
San Francisco, CA 94118

The Haven Recovery Residence

The Haven at College Recovery Residence, in collaboration with the University of San Francisco, is located in a charming two-story University-owned town house on the northside of USF’s Lone Mountain Campus. The Haven at College House Manager and Community Leader is in recovery and a USF alum who has tremendous knowledge of the school and San Francisco area. The Haven at College Recovery Residence is located within walking distance of one of San Francisco’s greatest treasures, Golden Gate Park, with miles of green lawns, lakes, flowers and varied attractions from top museums to exquisite gardens and extraordinary events. Shopping is close on Laurel Village and Sacramento Streets and there is a Starbucks and Target a short walk from the house. Through weekly recovery meetings, individualized wellness sessions, group accountability, social & recreational events, the Haven at College’s student led community fosters long term recovery while forming lasting friendships. CALL US TODAY: 310.822.1234


The Haven at College’s innovative Mentoring and Monitoring Program provides the tools for students, parents and school administrators to distinguish casual partying from serious substance misuse and treat accordingly. This harm-reduction program provides peer recovery mentors, (regular/randomized) drug testing, and community support for students and parents seeking answers and accountability.


About University of San Francisco

The University of San Francisco is a private Jesuit-Catholic college founded in 1855 in California’s Bay Area. It distinguishes itself as a diverse, socially responsible learning community of high quality scholarship and academic rigor sustained by a faith that does justice. USF draws from the cultural, intellectual, and economic resources of the San Francisco Bay Area and its location on the Pacific Rim to enrich and strengthen its educational programs.

Its 55 acre urban setting has a total undergraduate enrollment of 6,704 students that participate in service-learning courses, during which academic coursework is complemented by volunteer work around San Francisco. The university community is committed to bettering the world, through partnerships with local organizations and work through the school's research centers and institutes. More than 90 percent of freshmen live in on-campus housing. USF utilizes a semester-based academic calendar and ranks 97th in the 2020 edition of Best Colleges & National Universities. USF has about 100 student clubs and organizations, including a handful of fraternities and sororities.



The Haven at University of San Francisco Recovery Residence Program Staff

Our Program Director (who also serves as our Recovery Coach) helps our residents develop and review individualized wellness plans during weekly one-on-one meetings. These plans encourage our students to balance their recovery, academic work, and social life. We also encourage attendance and participation in 12-step meetings (or other modalities).

Our live-in House Manager provides peer support, facilitates weekly community meetings, and organizes group activities that include camping trips, service projects, and sober tailgates. Our House Manager also administers routine drug and alcohol tests to keep The Haven safe and to ensure early intervention in the event of relapse. An innovative individualized program entrusts students with increasing levels of personal responsibility, to meet them where they are in recovery. The Haven at University of San Francisco also extends support to the entire family through monthly conferences with the Program Director, Parent education and process groups and family activities and programs.

Meredith McGarvey, M.S., LMFT

Program Director

Meredith is a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist with a Masters degree in Counseling from San Francisco State University. Meredith brings vast experience working with young adults and their and families to The Haven at College including struggles with issues of divorce, communication, intimacy, anxiety, depression, stress, emotional regulation, trauma, and parent-teen conflict. She has a strong grasp on the perfectionistic tendencies that many young adults deal with in college, and how that dynamic contributes to various “acting in” and “acting out” behaviors. She has specific training in helping high conflict couples, including training in Gottman Couples Therapy, co-parenting counseling, and mediation. Meredith’s approach is warm, interactive, and solution-focused. Her belief is that everyone has strengths, but during stressful times or transitions in their lives they may need help accessing those strengths.

Todd Berry B.A.

House Manager, Community Leader and Outreach Coordinator

Todd serves as the House Manager, Community Leader and Outreach Coordinator for The Haven at University of San Francisco. He started with The Haven at College as the Chapter President in 2015 as a USF student and was instrumental in launching and building the recovery community on the USF campus. After earning his degree in Business and graduating with honors from University of San Francisco in 2017, he took a year off to backpack through New Zealand. Todd returned to the USF Haven as House Manager and Community Leader in 2018. In addition to his roles at USF, Todd serves as a Community Mapping Team Member for Haven at College expansion Universities to help bring recovery to new institutions. He has been sober for over 5 years and is excited to continue helping students get the resources they need and deserve.