Peer to Peer Mentoring & Monitoring

Peer to Peer Mentoring & Monitoring

The Haven’s innovative Mentoring and Monitoring Program provides the tools for students, parents and school administrators to distinguish casual partying from serious substance misuse and treat accordingly. This harm-reduction program provides peer recovery mentors, (regular/randomized) drug testing, and community support for students and parents seeking answers and accountability. Mentoring and Monitoring is also an effective step-down program for students transitioning from higher levels of care such as inpatient treatment, IOP or sober living residences. Wherever the student lands on the substance misuse spectrum, Mentoring and Monitoring is designed to help them regain balance and enjoy a full college experience.



Peer Mentors

Each student is paired with a peer mentor, a student in recovery who has been in their shoes. Student and mentor meet once a week, attend recovery meetings together, and share their personal experiences about sober college life.

Group Support

Students attend weekly Haven Community Meetings, where shared struggles and successes build communication and community.

Drug Testing

Randomized weekly drug tests are administered by Haven staff, promoting honesty and accountability.

Individual Counseling

Weekly private sessions with an experienced recovery counselor help students examine unhealthy behaviors while learning effective coping skills.

Family Communication

Monthly check-in calls from the counselor to the parent(s) provide updates on the student’s progress.
10 Signs Your Drinking or Drug Use Is Getting Out of Control
  1. Your grades are seriously slipping.
  2. Your friends are seriously worried.
  3. Your reputation needs damage control.
  4. You’re drinking & using to deal with the blow-back from drinking & using.
  5. You can’t handle social situations without a full red cup.
  6. You’re burning through your relationships.
  7. You have no idea what happened last night. Again.
  8. Your Cabo fund just went to pay DUI fines.
  9. You’ve tried to stop drinking and using but …
  10. Deep down, you know you need help. Seriously, you really need help.
Sound familiar? It’s your call.
Not enrolled at one of The Haven colleges? If you’re a visiting student, transfer student, attending a nearby community college or studying online—or just thinking about getting back on college track—our community welcomes you! We’re diverse, inclusive and welcome all college students to join us for recovery meetings, social events and recreational activities throughout the year.


Interested in Mentoring & Monitoring? You can reach us at 310-822-1234