As a psychotherapist, I see families who don’t have the resources, awareness or enough experience to know how to help their child break out of pervasive patterns. College campuses are an opportunity to help young adults who want to find their identities even if it means breaking out of their comfort zones. The Haven at College is a resource that students and parents are lucky to have for so many opportunity to make a difference for long term success. So grateful for this program...

- Erika Paramore
The Haven is aptly named. The people here are knowledgable, compassionate, insightful, and generous. They understand the struggles of bright young adults trying to move forward from substance abuse to success, anticipating their struggles and meeting their needs in ways that are uncanny. As the community grows it just keeps getting better. There's no road map to finding the ideal environment for someone working toward recovery. If you have found THE HAVEN, LEAP AT THIS OPPORTUNITY! Tell others about it! There is no safer, better choice out there.

- Nancy L.
The Haven is an amazing resource for any student who is seeking or looking to maintain their recovery while in college. It offers support in a space that may be difficult to be sober in otherwise. Their staff is absolutely amazing as well!

- Jennifer Ramsden
I got sober as the only person under 40 within 30 miles of my university and without an social support whatsoever. That was 30 years ago and having the opportunity that The Haven can offer would have made that early recovery so, so, so much easier and simpler. I'm 33 days from 30 years sober and have grown stronger through all the challenges in life but The Haven is all about reshaping the story. My story is part of a lucky 5% that graduated sober and with a programming like The Haven offers, I would have been part of a fortunate 95%. What The Haven in College is doing is creating space where students can recalibrate normative behavior and join with others in making the most of their lives and educations.

- Rick B.
I've been attending the Sunday evening AA meeting at The Haven for about a month now- their location on top of the University Gateway Apartments on Jefferson & Figueroa is unbeatable! I also took part in their 'Summer Haven' activities which included a hike in the Pacific Palisades, lunch at Café Gratitude, a trip to the Griffith Observatory, guided meditations and discussions about recovery, spirituality, and life in general. It has been great to become involved with their organization. As a USC student and recovering addict, it is difficult to find a group with which I identify well. The typical sober-living environment tends to house closer-to-middle-aged people who quite often bring a prison mentality with them, making it difficult for me to fit in, not to mention rather unpleasant to be around. The Haven is much different. It's great to be around other students in recovery like myself.

- David M.