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substance abuse recovery

Reducing Stigma in College Substance Abuse Recovery

Getting into and attending college is something to be proud of - students who pursue college show promise, potential and a hard work ethic. As of a 2014 study by the National Survey on Drug ...
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college stress

College, Substance Abuse Recovery Programs

It's not news that college can be stressful. The combination of an increased workload from high school, the challenge of making new friends in an unfamiliar place, and adapting to independent living away from family ...
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binge drinking

College Binge Drinking is a Culture Problem

Alcohol - it has been called the most commonly used psychoactive drug in the world. While it is perfectly legal after the age of 21, many young people are given access at younger ages. The ...
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Incorporating Family in Substance Abuse Recovery

Incorporating Family in Substance Use Recovery

Helping college students manage their treatment or recovery from substance abuse requires all types of resources and help. Often, that help comes from the student's family. What are the keys to properly engaging and incorporating ...
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Substance Abuse Recovery Residence

Life in a Sober Living Recovery Residence

College-aged students who want to get and stay sober may turn to residential living. Of course, this presents special opportunities and challenges at a time when students otherwise might live in dorms, apartments or sororities and ...
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trauma and addiction

The Connection Between Trauma and Addiction

For people who struggle with substance abuse - including college students - there can be important connections between trauma and addiction. Understanding those connections can help with recovery, relapse, or even possibly prevention. We spoke ...
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substance abuse

Substance Abuse: Managing Education and Career

College students trying to manage substance abuse face a unique set of circumstances, navigating not just their substance issues, but also education, family, career development, and more. How can those specific needs best be met ...
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sleep and alcohol

Sleep and Alcohol: More Rest, Less Drinking?

What's the relationship between sleep and alcohol? Among the first health benefits that goes out the college freshman dorm window - right after "no junk food - is sleep. The excitement of new-found freedoms, the ...
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What Demi Lovato Can Tell Us About Staying Sober

The recent news about singer Demi Lovato was, of course, extremely sad and concerning. Lovato has had a well-publicized history with substance abuse. And at first glance, it seem easy to dismiss Lovato’s tale as ...
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How to Manage Back to School Stress

Nearly any parent could hear themselves saying it to their college-bound kids, even before the words have left their mouths: “You’re so lucky; I wish I were going back to college!” The comments, of course, ...
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Freshman College Drinking: Can One Drink Hurt?

We know the words that often can lead to freshman college drinking: “Finally! After 18 years under my parents’ watchful eye, I have freedom.” As the new college year begins, that’s the thought for many ...
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Aly Ries Unsung Hero Award

Former Haven at Drexel employee, Aly Ries, received an "Unsung Hero" award for her work during her tenure with the Haven at last weeks Caron - Philadelphia Community Awards Breakfast. Bob Ackley, Program and Outreach ...
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