25 Positive Affirmations for College Students

positive affirmations for college students

Need a little motivation?

College can be an overwhelming experience for students. Between the ten-page papers, presentations, and demanding schedules, it's not uncommon for students to experience burnout. In this article, we're sharing 25 positive affirmations for college students that may help provide the motivation you need to push forward.

Positive Affirmations for College Students

Anyone who says college life is not stressful has likely never been to college. You are loaded with responsibilities like homework assignments, studying for exams, writing papers, and keeping up with your social life.

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Some of you also have jobs or internships on top of academic and personal duties.

Research is showing college students are feeling anxiety, depression, and stress related to college life. These feelings can lead to negative self-talk, which will only make you feel worse and hinder your progress academically and personally.

To avoid this, you can implement the practice of self-affirmation. This means you focus on making positive statements about yourself to yourself.

Positive affirmations can help you start believing in yourself again. They can give you confidence to overcome obstacles while in college and help you reach your academic goals of graduating, and personal goals of becoming a well-rounded individual.

Below are 25 positive affirmations for college students.

1. I Can Do This

It’s easy to get caught up in the daily things that lead us to believe we are going to fail. Sometimes, all you need to do is tell yourself that yes, you can do this. Give yourself a pep talk and believe that you can be successful.

2. I Am Excited to Learn Something New Today

Everything that happens to you can be turned into a learning experience. Even if you experience something negative, turn it into a positive lesson learned.

3. I Am Capable of Being a Great Student

You know what it takes to be a great student. Show up, participate, study, etc. All you must do is implement those actions and reap the rewards.

4. My Ability to Learn is Improving Every Day

The more you practice learning, the more your mind will grow and absorb new information. Be open to various learning methods to enhance your abilities.

5. It Is Okay to Ask for Help

Every college student can use help at one point or another. Some need academic tutoring, others need counseling. If you need help, utilize campus resources and get help.

6. I Am Doing My Best

In every aspect of your college life, put forth your best effort. If you are trying to do your best, you are winning.

7. I Am a Good Role Model

Behave in college in a way that is positive and that encourages others to be positive. This positivity will radiate into all areas of your life.

8. If I Fall, I Will Get Right Back Up

All students in college will have good days and bad days. It’s important you not let the bad days keep you down. Getting right back up means you will not let anything get in your way of success.

9. I Can Improve My Health Today

Good mental health is an important aspect of being successful in college. The more you tell yourself you will take care of your health, the more likely you will follow through.

10. I Am Courageous

Don’t be afraid to take risks. Be brave and go for it. Some risks will lead to even greater success. Others will lead to lessons being learned. Either way, you win.

11. I Respect Myself

Don’t put yourself in situations that may cause you to disrespect yourself. Make decisions that will make your feel good about yourself.

12. I Am Where I Need to Be Right Now

Sometimes you think you should be at a better place in life. You desire more, you envy what others have. Just because you don’t have it right now, doesn’t mean you won’t ever have it. Enjoy where you are and have the patience for what is to come.

13. Everything is Possible

You never know what the day may bring. Believe that anything is possible. Expect good things.

14. I Am Not One Who Gives Up

Never stop pursuing your dreams and goals. Keep trying and be persistent in your pursuits.

15. I Can Find a Solution to Any of My Problems

All problems do have solutions. You can access those solutions at any time.

16. I Am Worthy of Forgiveness for My Mistakes

All college students make mistakes, some worse than others. Forgive yourself and move forward. You are worthy of forgiveness.

17. Being Different is a Good Thing

Being “normal” is not always the best thing. Showcase all your great qualities, whether they fit in with the crowd or not.

18. I Can Help Someone Else Today

Giving back and helping others feels good. Look for opportunities to help someone in need today.

19. I Do Not Worry Over Things Out of My Control

There are things, people, and events that you cannot control. Spending time worrying about those is a waste of time. Focus on the positive and let go of the stuff out of your control.

20. I Love Myself Enough to Take Advice from Others

There are opportunities on college campuses to meet with peer mentors, advisors and counselors. If they offer advice that will benefit you, take it and apply it to your life.

21. I Create Healthy Balance in My Life

While in college, it’s important you experience all the campus has to offer, in academics and in your social life. Find a way to balance these, however. Learn to have fun but not so much fun it interferes with your academic requirements.

22. I Am Grateful for All I Have

Being grateful for the things you have instead of being angry about what you don’t have can improve your mental health. Your thinking will become more positive and you will be happier.

23. I Am Attracting Positive People into My Life

If you are positive, you will attract other positive people. Surrounding yourself with positive people can be rewarding.

24. I Can Create Change

You can change your story anytime you want.

25. I Am Loved

You are loved by family and friends. You love yourself. You can seek loving relationships every day.

If you'd like to grow even more in your knowledge of positive affirmations and how they can improve not only your mindset but your overall wellbeing as well, check out this great article, The Power of Positive Affirmations at Home, for more information!


  1. Max on April 6, 2020 at 9:14 am

    I believe that I can do anything and ik can be hard but there’s always ways I just have to stay positive and believe that I can do anything. This site made me feel more confident for college and I know that I will pass and graduate and earn my certificate.

  2. Bonnie on June 22, 2020 at 10:07 am

    Thank you, I needed this

  3. Miranda Mayson on July 18, 2020 at 6:20 am

    Thank you for your motivation!
    Positive thinking is important in any activity!
    It is very easy to step out of the way and forget what you study for.
    I think it’s important to constantly remind yourself of your goal and support your aspirations.

  4. Rose Blessings on July 28, 2020 at 7:37 am

    I must say, I really liked this one:
    “I Am Worthy of Forgiveness for My Mistakes”

    I just heard about Affirmations and the power of affirmations about a month back. I”m not too sure about this as I have a kind of fighter there in my head, always fighting with my thoughts all the time. And whenever I try to say, speak or listen to any affirmation, that fighter objects. Don’t know what to do 🙁

  5. Henry on September 22, 2021 at 8:11 pm

    I think this was good

  6. Neha on January 16, 2022 at 10:57 pm

    THANK You so much, I was looking for this.^^