The Value of Sober Living in College

Sober Living in College

There are so many benefits of sober living homes for those in recovery! One of the biggest benefits is the support you receive while transitioning back to a sense of normalcy and everyday life. What follows is a quick snapshot of why those in recovery should investigate what these homes are and how they can…

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Taking a Deeper Look at Addiction and Disease

addiction and disease

Last week NPR published an article titled, “’The Urge’ says calling addition a disease is misleading”, written by Jeevika Verma. This thought-provoking take on why we should reconsider classifying addiction as a disease seeks to encourage people to be more mindful about the language we choose when discussing addiction and recovery. Need to Talk?  We’re…

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Drug Abuse in College: 7 Common Substances Abused

drug abuse in college

It is not uncommon for college students to experiment with different substances during their days in college. This behavior can quickly turn into an addiction if students are aware of the risks and dangers of such behavior. In this article, we are exploring seven of the most common substances abused in college as well as…

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11 Reasons Drug Use In College is a Bad Idea

Drug Use In College

Drug use in college may seem like a good idea at the time, but it can seriously derail a student’s focus, drive, and determination to reach their academic goals. College may be a time of new experiences and self-discovery, but it can quickly derail a student’s focus if they’re not careful. In this article, we’re…

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Substance Abuse in College Students

substance abuse in college students

College is often the first time students consider abusing substances, including both legal and illegal drugs. In a study conducted by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) a few years ago, researchers found that of 9 million full-time college students, 1.2 million drank alcohol and over 700,000 smoked marijuana. Six percent of…

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The 5 Most Commonly Abused Drugs in College

For many students, going away to college is one of the first times they’re away from home for an extended period of time. The freedom to manage your own time and make your own decisions can be exciting to students interested in developing new experiences. Students often turn to alcohol during social events as a…

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Substance Abuse Prevention Programs for College Students

substance abuse prevention programs for college students

71 percent of college students engage in recreational to binge partying that involves the use of alcohol and drugs, according to reports. The more college students use drugs and alcohol, the more likely they will encounter negative consequences. Substance abuse leads to skipping classes, lower grades, and even dropping out of school altogether. In this…

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