The Value of Sober Living in College

Sober Living in College

There are so many benefits of sober living homes for those in recovery! One of the biggest benefits is the support you receive while transitioning back to a sense of normalcy and everyday life.

What follows is a quick snapshot of why those in recovery should investigate what these homes are and how they can help all people in recovery, but specifically college students, reach their goals and maintain their sobriety!

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Top 3 reasons to find a sober living near me

  1. Social support and shared experience: Meaningful sober relationships with people in the same position you are in can help both of your recoveries as well as greatly increase your chance of sustained abstinence (Moos and Moos 2006). 
  2. Reduced risk of relapse: Guidance from live-in mentors, senior residents, and house managers is available 24/7 which gives you a greater sense of safety and accountability, and the guidelines for residing in these homes provide a framework designed to support your recovery and abstinence.
  3. Independence: As you maintain your sobriety in this sober environment, you also experience increased independence to seek out new opportunities like returning or reengaging in work, school, and friendships both new and old. Additionally, as an active participant in recovery residence, you will have input on decisions for the house (from chores, groceries, social activities and more).

Are you a college student in or near Los Angeles looking for sober living?

Give us a call at 888-224-2836 for more information or to schedule an in-person tour!

The Haven's Recovery Residence as a solution

For college students located in Los Angeles, The Haven at College Recovery Residence might be the sober living you’ve been looking for! The Haven’s residents are not only people in recovery but they are also college students or young people on a college-track. 

The Haven’s Recovery Residence allows you to safely experience college life without the pressures or triggers that other living environments on or around campus might have.

How to find a sober living near you

If you are a college student, or young person on a college-track in the Los Angeles area, give us a call at 888-224-2836 for more information or to schedule an in-person tour!

Check out this virtual tour:


For those outside of Los Angeles, here are some tips on finding a sober living facility near you: 

  1. Google: One of the easiest and maybe most obvious ways to find homes is a quick Google search "sober living near me"
  2. SAHMSA: Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (or SAHMSA) can provide information on both treatment options and sober living facilities near you (, 1-800-662-4357)
  3. This page is specifically for sober living in California, but this directory offers information about sober living homes nation wide!
  4. Word of Mouth: Don't be afraid to ask your treatment providers if they have any recommendations for sober living homes near you! Many providers have contacts with local recovery residences that they'd be happy to share!


If you have any questions about our sober living (or our intensive outpatient treatment (IOP) program) please feel free to give us a call at 888-224-2836!